Play a live choose your own adventure game set in a world without choice: Determine tells the story of man who strains to be free even as his strings are pulled by YOU: the audience.

April 8-12 The Yard Theatre, Hackney Wick 

Koe finds himself pacing back and forth. He is packing again. He is watering a dead plant, unpacking, looking for the door handle, then repacking without ever understanding why.

If he could set his thoughts and life straight, he might take control. But Koe is helpless. He has long suspected that someone else is pulling his strings. And he's right: you are.

Determine invites the audience to take control of a toy box world and play bingo with the life of its sole occupant, whittling down his choices, helping or hindering him as he tries to escape the limitations of his constricted life.

For anyone who has ever bumped against the limits of free will, suspected that their thoughts may not be their own, or that someone else might be directing their actions. Determine gives you the joy and the agony of control.